Solar Panel Construction – What You Need to Construct Your Own Solar Panels!

Solar panel construction can be generally thought of as difficult, only because the minute someone hears the words solar panels they think of thousands of dollars which then triggers the thought that if it is expensive, it must be hard to build. Hopefully this article will show you that constructing your own solar panels is not that difficult.

Learning to build your own solar panel system is becoming more and more common in 2009 because it is a definite way to saving thousands of dollars in the long run. Because it is cheaper to make, you can make more and therefore cut your electricity costs down by 10%, 30%, 60%, 80% or even erase them altogether. With the right DIY solar panel kit you can easily build your solar panels for under $200.

The materials you need to start your solar panel construction project can be found in your local hardware store. What you need to buy are solar cells, some plywood, glass, copper wire, silicone, solder and UV protector. With these items being so easily accessible it’s no wonder people are starting to use a new source of energy to power their homes.

Many may think that home made solar panels are not that great and can be dodgy, I am here to say that these people do not know what they are talking about. Homemade solar panels are just as efficient and effective as factory made ones. What it really depends on is the instructions you follow. If you follow a poor set of instructions you will have a poorly built solar panel.

Industrialised Building System – Evolution of the Construction Industry

With the impact of globalization having run deep into many industries, more efficient methods have been introduced and implemented in order to survive the challenging market ahead. Every product has improved dramatically and been produced in a higher quality and at a lower cost but with the exception of houses and buildings. Whilst, other industries have been thriving in terms of technology application, only small improvement has been made in making building processes more efficient.

Industrialised Building System (IBS) can be defined as “Construction technique in which components are manufactured in a factory, on or off site, positioned and assembled into a structure with minimal additional site works.” The IBS concept is essentially the injection of a techno-based mindset into the construction industry ‘hardware’ aspects and incorporation of the highly successful manufacturing concepts as the driving ‘software’. In this respect, the construction industry has a great deal to learn from the manufacturing sectors that have long been emphasizing on quality and minimising defects. IBS will definitely among others reduce unskilled workers in the country, less wastage, less volume of building materials, increased site cleanliness and better quality control.

In many parts of the world, IBS takes its forms in an initiative called open building concept. Open building is an approach to the design of buildings and said to be representing a new wave in architecture. Open building is defined as an innovative approach to design and construction that enhances the efficiency of the building process, while increasing the variety, flexibility and quality of the product.

Houses of the future should be similar to products like cars or computers today. It is built mostly in a factory with parts that is easy to replace or maintain. The construction industry can be transform by following what other sectors are already doing; standardize and accessorize. Developed countries such as Japan, Netherlands and USA to name a few, have already started to develop concept that is called ‘Open Source Building’. The concept of the open source building is similar to what has happened in the ICT industry whereby through standardization of jointing parts such as USB ports, consumers can buy computer equipment such as mouse or scanner anywhere in the world. The equipment can then be easily installed by the users as the connection from the equipment to the computer has been internationally standardized.

IBS gives the ability for companies from just being a simple plain brick contractor that is driven by projects to a component builder manufacturer that is driven by consumers. Modular components or also known as volumetric components can be configured into wide variety of end products and the design can be based on customer’s individual needs through unique combinations of the modular components. Mass customization will allow companies to penetrate new markets and capture customers whose demands could not be met with standard products. Developers and contractors who embrace the IBS methodology can even upgrade their capability to export houses in countries that are in need of fast permanent shelters.

Construction Themed Birthday Party Ideas!

Invitations: A fun and easy way to create a construction themed invitation is to cut poster board into shapes of tools like saws, hammers or safety hats. On the front of the invitation you could write something like “Caution! Construction Party Ahead!” You can make the invite more interesting by visiting your local dollar store and purchasing some construction pencils, rulers, safety goggles, measuring tapes or work gloves and attaching the invitation to it. There are tons of items that you can grab, often priced at 2 for $1.00 so just use your imagination. The little themed gift will definitely get the excitement brewing for the upcoming party.

Decorations: A must have is yellow and black caution tape which can be found at any hardware store. A neat idea is to use orange construction cones all around the party area with yellow and black helium balloons tied to them. A cool do-it-yourself idea is to make several diamond shaped “Caution, Birthday Zone, Men at Work & Kids at Play” signs out of yellow poster board and hang them around the area. Traffic signs are also excellent decorations. Old blueprints look great hanging on walls or on a table underneath a clear plastic tablecloth. Here’s a great opportunity to clear out your garage by pulling out some ladders, saw horses or any building decorations to use as construction party decorations.

Games: Some simple games are “Pass the Tool Box” and “Skyscraper” that will work well for the under 4 crowd. In Pass the Tool Box you simply sit the kids in a circle and pass around a box to music. When the music stops, the child holding the tool box gets to open it and choose a candy! In skyscraper the object is to build the highest tower of blocks possible within a designated period of time. For guests a little older than 4 perhaps you can try games like”Dirt Mover” or “Wheelbarrow” as these require a bit more instructions. In wheelbarrow you set up an obstacle course using orange cones. Each player must push a child sized barrel around the course without spilling the contents (stuffed animals, crumpled paper etc.) If you spill you must start again and the best time wins! In dirt mover, separate the kids into 2 teams and provide each team with a kid safe shovel. Place 2 empty pails a reasonable distance apart from a pile of dirt and have the kids shovel from the pile and run back to fill their teams bucket one at a time. When one teams bucket is full the relay race is over.

Activities: A really neat idea to add to this type of themed party is to give the little workers a chance to see a backhoe or any small machine in action! Perhaps you do that yourself or know someone who does? Perhaps hiring someone as you would hire a clown or a magician. The idea is kind of out there but could you imagine how excited the little one’s would be! Its amazing what the driver’s can do – just set up a small area and let them do their thing. The kids can even st in the machine and have their pictures taken!

Cake Ideas: Make a simple sheet cake of your favourite flavor. Ice it with green icing and make 2 or 3 “dirt mounds” with crumbled up chocolate cookie crumbles. Top with toy dump trucks and bulldozers to create a construction yard scene. Another neat idea for a cake is to use a large dump truck toy with a large and very clean box. Fill the box with layers of chocolate pound cake, vanilla pound cake, crumbled up Skor chocolate bars, crumbled up Oreo cookies and scoops of ice cream. Top with plenty of whipped topping, and sprinkles. Add your birthday candles and voila, a perfect “dirt” cake.

Loot Bags: Pass on the traditional and use a small plastic tool box, a plastic hard hat wrapped in cellophane, a sand pail with shovel or even a tool pouch. Fill the item of your choice with simple things like toy construction vehicles, plastic toy tools, notepads and pencils, paints and paint brushes, mini tool sets, bubble gum tape and plenty of candy treats! Just walk the aisles of your local dollar store – you will be amazed at all the trinkets you will find!

Building the Right Business – Construction Franchises

When considering purchasing a franchise there is a fantastic option in the construction field. This is another field that provides services that pretty much everyone will need at some point in their lives and even multiple times through out their lives. Pretty much anyone can work in construction but not everyone can run a company.

It is important to consider buying in to a franchise that provides quality services as opposed to running a small under the table business. We all have hard times but buying into an established franchise will help avoid start up failures as there will be a tested and proven guidelines given by the main owner of the company as a whole.

There are so many aspects to construction that concentrated areas are definitely where the money is. Being a jack of all trades is always beneficial, but costumers appreciate those that are well versed in the particular construction that they are needing done. When the company is trying to provide multiple services at once the quality can go down but there are times when that is different.

Having a construction franchise with multiple employees under you that have the experience to make sure that there is always quality work will help prevent loss of quality. There are a few different specific construction business opportunities such as flooring franchises, equipment rental franchises, and even hardware franchises. Find what your passion really is and pick a franchise based on that.

A construction franchise involves a large amount of bureaucracy. This is because of many things such as administration and such dangerous conditions working as a construction worker brings. There are higher insurance costs and more strict regulations in regards to health and safety. There are many things to consider when going into business for yourself as a franchisee including all of the responsibilities you will have for yourself and all of your particular franchise’s employees.

The next thing to consider is how you are going to fund the purchase of a franchise. There is the initial investment and then after that there are the prices of the upkeep and having to purchase all of the materials. There is also breaking ground, health insurance to consider, and royalty fees. Despite the investment, purchasing a franchise will be cheaper in the long run due to the fact that these are business models that have been proven to work.

Find a new found enthusiasm for working when being in control of your very own construction franchise. This will help you push forward into a prime career that you actually enjoy taking part in. This will mean that you need to take the time to really consider what your passion is but it is more than worth it. Even if your passion isn’t construction there are plenty of franchises in all kinds of industries. They will help you get on the path to true success and you will be able to live comfortably in no time. There is no cap to what goals you can reach with your own franchise.

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